Friday, 3 May 2013

AR11726 at the Limb

AR11726 was a large spot group of great complexity. When it reached the limb it revealed some fine H-alpha features. Here we see post flare loops after a GOES C5.7 flare at 22:25UT. The site showed no activity at 22:00, when white light viewing began. Returning to H-alpha at 23:03 showed these events. View 1: above the site we see the PFL ~40Mm high. Below are bright surges and some tiny  loops of the C5.7 flare. View2 shows the flare loops still present, now with larger surges - the latter are still strong in View3, while the PFL are fading. View4: crossing the flare loops are parts of a tall surge, in the process of recoiling back into the solar surface. Only the following spot of the active region was seen the time; the rest was concealed behind the limb

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