Saturday, 22 June 2013

Flaring in SC24

It is too early to say much about flaring in Solar Cycle 24, as the sunspot maximum has, it seems, not yet been reached. There are signs that the northern sunspot maximum of SC24 was reached in 2011. This plot shows all flares greater than or equal to GOES X5.7. The data used is from Jan Janssens website (see link below). Just one flare of SC24 so-far has reached that required flux, while there have been 14 class-X less than X5.7. The graph shows that flaring in SC23 not only reached an historic peak, but that peak was a year or two after the cycle's two sunspot peaks. The strongest flare yet recorded was the well-known GOES X28 in AR 10486 on Nov 4, 2003, an unforgettable event well-observed in Sydney. Here are two of nine sketches made of the flare, and the post flare loops. The first was made 36m after flare peak - the entire event covered nine hours.

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