Monday, 25 November 2013

Enigmatic Returnee

The big spot appearing around the Sun's eastern limb may, sometimes, be a 'relic' of an earlier group. 'Helio' freeware (c) Peter Meadows left no doubt that giant AR11899 was the return of the 'front end' or preceding (p) spot of October's giant AR11875: it had moved a little westwards while on the Sun's far-side. New (red) spots arose near it on Nov 13 and a C3 flare erupted along the filament (arf) to its north. The 'smiley face' (lhs) shows most of what remained of the AR11875 (p) spot in late Oct. This very large earlier group had two X-class flares during it disc passage, one at the western limb (see below). Renamed AR11899, it grew to 600 area units in size during Nov with fields in the big spot's umbra reaching a SC24 record of 2700G.

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