Friday, 24 January 2014

Multi-sun System

Sometimes it's nice to view 'multi-sun' systems. This sketch was made with the small Mak and the PA's are estimates:  a breathtaking example of such a system! I could see no colour differences. Somehow I had not seen Beta Mon in the past. A real triple, it was a great Christmas 'present'.

Monday, 6 January 2014

AR11944 - Twister

Sunspots are surprising - this giant of its kind rounded the east limb 2014 Jan 1 - and after a day of cloud, was revealed on the 3rd as an immensely complex entity. Combined here are white light, H-alpha and polarity observations, the latter (c) Regents of Univ.of California, Mt Wilson. The group's area was huge at 1400 units and a longitude length of  15 degrees. A remarkable number of spiral filaments emerged from the dominant spot - some were surges that showed ejecta in motion from time to time. Amazing! - and the group had only been on the disc three days. What next?