Sunday, 22 June 2014

Timely reminder!

A recent view of the prime spectrum of ETA CARINAE (2014 Mar 31) showed the bright red line of H-alpha was still strong. No sign of the predicted fading, yet. However the H-beta line was hard to see in the 8" scope: perhaps H-beta begins to fade ahead of the red line? Revisit the 2013 May entry in this BLOG for background on this predicted 'vanishing' of the emission features: due mid-2014. All that is needed is a diffraction grating and a scope 8" or bigger - or a photographic setup, of course. Good Luck!
STOP PRESS: Viewed on July 2 in C8 BOTH emission bands were clearly visible. H-beta was bright enough to show well in the broadened spectrum. H-alpha seemed its usual brightness.
LATEST: Both bands still clearly visible 2014 August 5th. No change yet!

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