Thursday, 15 January 2015

AR12192 - Synoptically speaking:

Here AR12192 and its precursor groups are plotted on a flat projection - showing just a piece of the Sun centred on long. 250deg around 10 to 15degS latitude. AR12108 formed at the site three rotations before - and surviving spots of that group made two further rotations (groups 2127 and 2151). Then came AR12172. It became part of a long "train-wreck" of at least three groups that at one stage covered 40deg of longitude. Around Sep. 29 new violet flux emerged at -14,248, as the whole assembly moved behind the Sun's western limb.
   It now seems the patches of V polarity at -11,236 and -14,244 merged, as like polarites may, into the enormous structure known as AR12192! Dotted in Fig4b is the footprint of the huge group when first seen at the east limb - showing the fit with earlier 12172. Fascinating!