Sunday, 17 April 2016

N6752, Dun295: Stellar explosion.

Another Dunlop discovery, this bright rich globular 'hides out in the deep south' in Pavo. Relatively unknown, it's 20'dia. with a halo of unresolved stars and an 'explosion' of bright ones 'bursting' from the tight central core: an amazing sight in 'scopes big and small! Fifth brightest in Skiff's list, its almost straight star-chains seem frozen at the moment of detonation. This effect is not seen well in photos that over-expose core details. The blue star in SW is a nice bonus.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

N5286 & M Cen

This pairing of a small globular and an orange and blue double is a favorite. The globular is a Dunlop find made at Parramatta c.1826. It's a nice observing challenge as it's not round in shape and the resolvable stars form faint chains. Some dark lanes may also be seen. A field star overlaps it.
The double star is Harvard HdO 225 (M Cen) - a yellow/orange K type giant. Is the secondary really blue? Or just a contrast effect? The planetary's outer halo of <14mg stars is hard to see -  astrophotos show a larger object than I can record. A very nice field for a scope of any size!