Friday, 8 March 2019

LMC: NGC1910.

 The nebula, NGC1910, is sited in the ‘central bar’ of the LMC galaxy, about half way along on the northern side. Visible in a finder ‘scope, it is an impressive sight in a ten inch telescope (160X). In fact, NGC1910 is an OB Association (a star cluster, not a nebula) but nebula N119 enfolds most of vast cluster.  The LMC is some 160,000LY away and the whole assembly is about 2arcmin in diameter.
S. Dor. At maximum, S is the brightest star in the whole LMC. A luminous blue variable, LBV, at times reaches mag 8.6. (Preliminary  View only)

Sirius B!

(Ten inch dob, 4.8N ep. Arcsec seeing!)